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  • What’s Eating Mo? 10/12/2020

    What’s Eating Mo? 10/12/2020

    Airline Industry Faces Cargo Shorts According to the International Air Transportation Association providing a single vaccine dose to the world’s 7.8 billion people would require 8,000 fully filled 747 cargo planes, which…is a problem considering there are fewer than one thousand 747 freighters on the planet. Oil and Gas Jobs Right Now With oil demand and […]
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  • What’s Eating Mo? 9/28/2020

    What’s Eating Mo? 9/28/2020

    Farmland Prices:  The Iowa Chapter of the REALTORS Land Institute recently released its survey which showed the value of an average acre of Iowa cropland remained mostly unchanged for the …
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  • What’s Eating Mo? 9/21/2020

    What’s Eating Mo? 9/21/2020

      Fed Officials Pushing for More Stimulus Following new research, U.S. officials are saying that spending, rather than low rates, would do more to prevent deeper economic issues from the …
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  • Repositioning your business with the 5 Ps

    Repositioning your business with the 5 Ps

    Repositioning your business for the new COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 environment will be critical to its continued success. The urgency of that task has increased even more in recent weeks, as …
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  • Boost your odds with a financial crisis plan

    Boost your odds with a financial crisis plan

    Crisis management plans are critical to sound business planning, whether for personal or business purposes. Implementing a financial crisis plan may be the difference in whether you survive or fail.  …
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  • Issues On Our Radar for 2020

    Issues On Our Radar for 2020

    Issues On Our Radar for 2020 was published by the Corridor Business Journal on January 27, 2020. Many of our clients are in a business and life transition phase: rapid …
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  • Ben Isaacson Recognized for a National Award

    Ben Isaacson Recognized for a National Award

    In November, Ben Isaacson was recognized at the Annual Conference of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) for the Early Career Award. This national award, given annually …
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  • The future of the Corridor is entrepreneurs

    The future of the Corridor is entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are important for many reasons, from promoting social change to driving innovation. Entrepreneurship occurs in small businesses, education, large companies, charitable and religious organizations. It’s about the impact of …
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  • Wealth Preservation in Business and Real Estate

    Wealth Preservation in Business and Real Estate

    A majority of high net-worth families have built wealth through the ownership, growth and sale of mid-market businesses and real estate. But research indicates that for 98 percent of these …
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  • Telling Employees You Are Selling

    Telling Employees You Are Selling

    Telling employees that you’re selling the business is an extremely delicate process. Break the news too early, and you run many risks. Wait to tell your employees, and you’re tasked with …
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  • Immigrants In Business – The Debate We Should Be Having

    Immigrants In Business – The Debate We Should Be Having

    Immigrants contribute to business in the United States in ways and degrees that are not commonly portrayed in our public debate.  The situation on the Mexico/United States border is preventing …
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  • Innovation – With or Without Us

    Innovation – With or Without Us

    By Maurie Cashman | Guest Column Innovation happens every day in companies and classrooms, on farms and athletic fields throughout the Corridor. An innovation is different from an invention and …
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  • What keeps Iowa farmland values steady?

    What keeps Iowa farmland values steady?

    By Ben Isaacson and Maurie Cashman / Guest Column Corridor Business Journal   The demand for food due to population growth and rising standards of living in developing countries is …
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  • Trade war, tariffs affect business valuation

    Reprinted from the January 22nd, 2019 Corridor Business Journal. By Maurie Cashman / Guest Column Tariffs and trade have an impact on your busi­ness, whether you feel it directly or …
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  • Anatomy of Our Merger

    Every business transaction has an anatomy. The anatomy of each party needs to fit and work well together to achieve the goals of the new organism. Aspen Grove Investments merged …
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  • Aspen Grove Investments and Agri-Management Services Merge

    MARION, Iowa—Aspen Grove Investments, Inc., of Cedar Rapids, has merged with Agri-Management Services, of Marion, and the merged company has purchased Growthland Ag Realty, of Humboldt. The resulting company will …
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  • Lengthen Your Runway

    You may believe you have a long runway. But business owners face challenges when they plan to stay in their business forever. Even if that is your plan, creating an …
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  • Fathers and Sons

    Business transfers between fathers and sons are known to be among the most difficult to navigate. We do not typically see the same issues in “Mother-daughter”, “Mother-Son” or “Father-Daughter” businesses. …
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  • 2018 Professional Farm Manager of the Year

    One of my prized clients was recognized last week in Phoenix as the Professional Farm Manager of the Year. I have been working with Dick Isaacson and his son, Ben, …
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  • Valuation Trends

    I am often asked about valuation trends by business owners seeking to have their business valued for a variety of reasons from planning for ownership transition to contemplating selling their …
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  • Processes Drive Value

    Processes drive business value and business value is a key element in a successful ownership transition. Jen and Dylan Campbell, owners of a construction company with $6million in annual revenue, …
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  • Performance Standards In Family Business Transfers

    Performance standards can be utilized in a way that keeps both a family and its values intact. Maintaining family harmony begins with setting your objectives and then creating and communicating …
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  • Recessions Impact Ownership Transition

    Recessions can have a major impact on your ownership transition plan if you haven’t properly assessed the effect of an economic downturn on your business. You can take steps to …
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  • Detecting Business Fraud

    By Maurie Cashman Business fraud isn’t as rare as you might think. Two companies that have experienced fraud losses have approached me this month alone. It’s important that you know …
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  • Retention Compensation Plans—Please Stay!

    A successful retention pay strategy isn’t merely a giveaway for tenure By Rob Rogers What is Retention Compensation? One component of executive and senior leadership compensation that has seen significant …
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  • Four Elements to Retention Plans for Key Employees

    Key employees remaining with the company can be the key to getting the best deal when selling your business. Without such management your ownership transition may be more difficult. One …
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  • Selling Your Company Is A Process

    By Maurie Cashman Selling your business is a process. It is not like selling real estate. Confidentiality is maintained so that employees, customers and suppliers don’t know that the business …
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  • Six Crucial Factors to Sell Your Business

    By Maurie Cashman There are crucial parts of your business that should be addressed before you try to sell. Last week we discussed the fact that your business value may …
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  • Your Business Value May Be Increasing

    By Maurie Cashman Your business value may be increasing and it may have little to do with anything you are specifically doing. The new tax law, combined with some specific …
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  • Cost of Capital

    By Maurie Cashman The cost of capital for a business is a critical measurement that every business owner should know how to evaluate. It is one of the leading causes …
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  • Pepperdine Annual Cost of Capital Survey

    By Maurie Cashman The Pepperdine Annual Cost of Capital is a survey that I have participated in for several years. It contains interesting information about the expectations and and experience …
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  • Key Employee Tax Considerations With Stock Bonus Plans

    Minimizing owner taxes is always an important component of Ownership Transition Planning, but when using stock bonuses, we also consider the key employee’s taxes. In “Stock Bonus Plans Have Many …
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  • Stock Bonus Plans Have Many Advantages

    By Maurie Cashman Stock bonus plans have many advantages over traditional employee incentive plans, which are designed to motivate employees to work smarter and harder. Last week we discussed how …
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  • Retaining Ownership of Your Business After You Leave It

    By Maurie Cashman Retaining ownership of a business while backing away from the daily management is a question we often get from owners. They wonder if, rather than exiting, they …
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