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Wearda Farm Management Transitions Portion of Farm Management to Agri-Management Services

Wearda Farm Management, Inc, of Hampton, has transitioned management responsibility for  a portion of its farm management accounts to Agri-Management Services and Affiliates, of Marion.  Wearda Farm Management will work closely with Agri-Management Services during the transition of these accounts.


Agri-Management Services is a leading provider of agricultural and commercial real estate appraisals, real estate and business sales and acquisitions, farm management and swine farm management.  In 2019, Agri-Management Services merged with Aspen Grove Investments and purchased Growthland Realty and Appraisal to form Agri-Management Services and Affiliates. The combination expanded its knowledge base, geographical territory and menu of client services.


Wearda Farm Management was established in 1977 by Charles “Charlie” Wearda and provides real estate appraisals , farm management and real estate sales in North Central Iowa.


Charlie Wearda said “I chose Agri-Management Services to work with me on ownership transition because they have maintained core values of personal and professional services to their clients similar to my own and I am supremely confident that they will provide sound management advise and services to my clients in the future.  It is not easy backing away from a business and the personal relationships I have built over the past 43 years, but it is time.”


“Many of our clients are in a transition phase of their life or business, whether that be a rapid growth stage, transition within family, conflicts within entities, acquiring additional assets, or selling assets to move on in life. Our knowledge and experience creates value for our clients”, said Ben Isaacson, co-owner. “Working with Charlie’s transition allows us to grow our strategic client relationships in North-Central Iowa.”


Agri-Management recently hired Scott Borcherding to manage the growth in farm management and ag real estate created by the Wearda acquisition.  Scott has extensive agricultural experience with his own farming operation in the region and previous experience with large grain merchandising concerns.  He and his wife are excited to return home to North-Central Iowa and look forward to creating opportunities in the region.


Richard Isaacson, co-owner said “the ability to transition these farm accounts is the result of a long-term relationship with Charlie.  We are proud that he turned to us when he was ready to start

transitioning these operations, and we look forward to working with Charlie to expand our operations in North Central Iowa.


Please direct questions to:

Maurie Cashman

Agri-Management Services

5475 Dyer Avenue, Suite 141

Marion, IA 52302